How to Outline Your eBook

Outlines are an important step toward writing an eBook.

In the template, I provide a skeleton of an outline, along with ideas for what type of content should be included in various parts of your eBook. The goal is for the outline to help you generate ideas and to help you structure your ideas in a way that allows the reader to “get” what you are trying to say.

More specifically, I cover the following four areas in the eBook Outline Template.

1. The Question

I talked a bit about “Asking Yourself The Question” in a previous post.  Write down the question you are trying to answer in one sentence and write down the one-sentence answer too. Keep these two items at the top of the outline. This should also appear somewhere in your introduction and in your conclusion.

2. About You

Reserve a page for your bio, contact information, copyright information, and other miscellaneous tidbits. You are the author/expert so let it be known who you are.

3. Use the Good, Old Fashioned Outline Formula

When you have a “I” you must have a “II.” When you have an “A” you must have a “B.”

Does this ring a bell?

Organize your main points by chapter, sections, main ideas, etc.

4. Additional Resources

Checklists, links, glossary, mantras. All of these additional resources are “Value Adds” to your eBook.

Value Adds can be sprinkled throughout the book or included at the very end; it’s really just a matter of preference. Value Adds will serve as selling points once you begin your marketing. For example, on your Web site you could say:

“Download my free eBook on ‘Changing Your Car’s Oil and receive a step-by-step instruction sheet that includes locations for where you can  recycle your motor oil.”


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