Bright Ideas from My Top 14 Favorite Bloggers


As a writer, 60% of my day is spent learning. Learning to be a better writer, a better marketer, and a better blogger. No matter the industry you are in, take the time to find blogs that speak to what you do. The bright ideas they share will inspire you to be brighter in your own work.

If you don’t have any favorite bloggers yet, you can borrow mine. Here are 14 of the blogs where I learn the most.

  1. The Catchup Lady talks about the myth of viral. Myth, really?
  2. Beautiful pics of beautiful book covers on Tumblemoose.
  3. How being respectful can make your writing boring and lame over at Copyblogger.
  4. eBook writing and marketing tips for success at Web In Know. This is something to subscribe to!
  5. 60 examples of powerful offers in direct response copy over at ProCopyTips.
  6. Does your website appeal to women? Find out from Marketing Shebang.
  7. How commas can change the world over at The Blood-Red Pencil.
  8. Examples of a truly innovative website over at chronic cerebral evacuations (this is beyond good graphic design, trust me).
  9. Someone explains why content is actually king on Mens With Pens. (It’s one one of those phrases people throw around, but rarely back up with meaning.)
  10. Understanding mobile copy requirements from mobiThinking.
  11. Press release tips from a recovering journalist on SEOMoz (press release writing tips don’t get any better than this).
  12. Be social and still do your job! Sonia Simone talks about relationship building at Remarkable Communications.
  13. An interesting connection between theater and copywriting. A good fit at A.K.A Writer.
  14. Understanding a  ping list for blogging success at Spork Marketing.

Creative Commons Image Credit: Joe Colburn.

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