Facebook Lessons from Moe the Beagle

Have you met Moe?

beagles in social media

He came on board here at No. 2 Pen about a year ago and has since changed my life. Before adopting Moe I wasn’t really a dog person. Maybe I’m still not a dog person. Maybe I’m a person crazy about my dog. Either way, Moe has changed both my personal life and my professional life.

Personal Life Changes

  • I take more walks.
  • I talk to more strangers on the street.
  • I’m no longer grossed out by picking up doggy doo doo.

Professional Life Changes

  • I take a legitimate lunch break now. Every afternoon Moe and I go out for some sunshine and fresh air (we don’t have a fenced in yard here).
  • I found a way to make Facebook fun.

Confession: Yes, I believe Facebook is an important business tool, however, I’ve sometimes struggled to make it a fun business tool. No. 2 Pen is on Facebook, but I haven’t promoted the page like I could or updated the wall as frequently as I could.

Enter Moe.

After Moe became part of the family and the No. 2 Pen team, I created a Facebook profile for him. Moe friended a few of my dog-owner friends and found quite a few other beagles on Facebook, too. (There’s a whole animal world on Facebook. Read this article on CNN for proof.) It didn’t take long before Moe gained over 200 friends from all over the world.

Why People Like Moe on Facebook

  • Moe doesn’t promote himself over and over again. Although, he might share a link to this post on his page!
  • He often posts pictures of himself and makes confessions, which are sometimes embarrassing and always true. His profile is personal and reveals so much of himself that people are drawn to him and often comment.
  • Moe has a sense of humor. Because Moe doesn’t take himself too seriously or complain or talk down to others, people like him.
  • Not every post has to be monumental. Moe doesn’t worry about sharing frivolous information. Even the little things in life can be useful or fun.
  • He shares links and information about important causes, especially animal rescue.
  • Facebook is a great chance to post entertaining animal videos. Everyone enjoys an entertaining video.

Starting today I’m going to take some of the lessons I’ve learned from Moe’s Facebook profile and apply them to the No. 2 Pen Facebook page. I vow to talk more about the personal side of No. 2 Pen, even if it’s silly. The page will have a combination of both fun and useful information, something  a business page should contain.

Will you join us? Click here for the No. 2 Pen Facebook page.

beagle under desk

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