Apple as a Modern Website Content Example

apple logo for website content exampleEvery new No. 2 Pen client gets to work through our branding/website content questionnaire. The whole idea behind the questionnaire is to help us understand the client’s business, marketing goals, and vision for their website content. Any quality website content writer would want something like this. It’s hard to do your job well without it.

One of the questions on the form reads: Are there other websites with content that you like? Please provide the URLs for those websites and state what you like about each one.

Disclaimer: We don’t ask this question so we can copy the content. Never! A website content writer simply wants to know the style of writing that the client is drawn to. Do they want conversational copy? Corporate-sounding copy? It’s much easier to point to what you like than it is to imagine it up on your own, especially when your job doesn’t have anything to do with writing website content.

Now, the reason I bring all this up is because one out of four new clients will answer that question with “” Here is what a few of my clients have told me about

“I like the clean layout and minimal copy.”

“The white space makes it easy to read.”

“It’s just crisp. Super easy to figure out where you want to go.”

“Every button tells the visitor what to do.”

“It feels so modern.”

Exactly. Apple does have a modern feel, and that’s why I’ve chosen it as a modern website content example.

the apple website as a website content example

The design and copy on are integral. It would be tough for me to write content similar to that on without a design that allowed for such active copy. Plus, the beauty of Apple is that they’re always announcing or expecting something new and shiny. You’re not going to get the same kind of excitement out of, say, accounting services or medical equipment, but you can get close.

While I’m not a graphic designer, you don’t have to look far to find designers who articulate the quality (and popularity) of the design. The folks over at Web Designer Depot talk about it in their post “22 Website Designs Inspired by

“…it’s no wonder that many software companies and web designers would choose to follow Apple’s style of branding. The Apple website is one of the best websites out there due to its ease of use, functionality and the beautiful environment that it creates.”

According to Scott over at Spoonfed Design, “The Apple menu is probably one of the more well known and most copied navigations there is. You are likely asking yourself what makes this relatively plain and very simple navigation so great. Well, first is the consistency. The menu stays exactly the same throughout all pages, which is a simple way to avoid confusing the user.”

Scott goes on to list several other reasons why Apple has succeeded in design. Navigation is a big part of it, but so are the crisp images. (Read his usability analysis of

Apple’s modern website design is something to admire and mimic (without plagiarizing), because it works. What do you think?


Check back with us again soon. We’ll feature more modern website examples to give you inspiration for your next website project.

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