20 Easy Peasy Link Building Tips

how to build website linksContent is critical when you’re trying to boost your search engine ranking. No doubt about it. Without content, you’ll get nowhere.

However, once you’ve got some rockin’ website and blog content, you should make link building a priority. When search engines see that you have links coming your way, they believe you’re a reputable site. As a result, you could get a boost in your search engine ranking.

Gather links with these 20 easy link building activities.

  1. Set up a Google Places page.
  2. Add your business to Yelp.
  3. Create awesome content. Ask other bloggers to feature it.
  4. Set up as many social media profiles as you can handle. You don’t HAVE to post to your social media accounts often, but at least take control of your space. This isn’t only good for links. It’s smart marketing.
  5. Create a links page on your site. Link to your favorites. Ask others you know with link pages to link to you as well. (Here’s my links page a/k/a marketing resources page.)
  6. Post images on the majority of your site’s pages and blog posts. Make sure the images are “pinnable” for Pinterest.
  7. Create a page on Me.com.
  8. Write guest blog posts and include a link to your site in the last paragraph/bio of the post.
  9. Make a video and post it to YouTube and/or Vimeo.
  10. Submit your site and blog to reputable directories such as Best of the Web.
  11. Write a white paper or ebook and submit it to directories.
  12. Create a presentation and post it to Slideshare.
  13. Answer questions on Quora, Yahoo Answers, and LinkedIn Answers. Provide valuable responses in general and only link directly to your site from time to time when it makes sense.
  14. Become an active user on bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, etc. Bookmark your content sparingly. The trick is to build a popular account and get votes/links organically.
  15. Sponsor an organization or event that will link to your site in return. It’s preferable that the link will remain over the course of time, not just while an event is going on.
  16. Review books, software, and other products.
  17. Speaking of reviews…leave reviews on Yelp, Amazon, and any other website that allows you to set up a profile and leave reviews of local businesses.
  18. Join industry organizations, especially ones that give you an online profile page with an opportunity to link to your site.
  19. Make a personal website and link to your other websites.
  20. Hold an online contest and participate in contests.

How do you build links?

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