One Writer’s Strategy for the 2012 WordCount Blogathon

wordcount-blogathon-2012Today is the first day of Michelle Rafter’s WordCount Blogathon. Each and every day in May I will post to the No. 2 Pen blog and 150+ other bloggers will post to their blogs daily, too.

Why have we agreed to submit ourselves to all this work? Because it’s not all work.

Blogging every day for a month is actually a little fun. Plus, there’s big payoff. You load up your blog with content for your readers and the search engines. You hopefully gain a few links, and you definitely make new connections. All good reasons to blog every day in May I say.

This will be the third year that I have participated in the Blogathon, and I’m confident it will be the best. Here’s why:

A) I’ve come up with a solid strategy, which I’ll share.

B) Did I mention I’m a sponsor? Blogathon participants who blog every day will be entered to win one of nine prizes. My prize package includes a written blog review, a one-hour phone consultation, and an actual No. 2 Pen, designed by Acme Studios.

How to Strategize for a Blogging Marathon

As with any test of endurance, it’s not about speed. Blog “marathoning” is about pacing. You don’t want to start out too strong or you’ll run out of steam. That’s why I’ve created a strategy. This is what I did or plan to do for this year’s Blogathon:

1. I wrote at least 1/3 of the posts in advance.

2. I created a schedule outlining the topic of each of my 31 posts and when I would publish them.

3. I made a committment to write posts of varying lengths. Thirty one, five-hundred word posts will put me under, but a combination of long and short posts will keep the blog nourished and leave me time for other work. Be on the lookout for a few “wordless” posts and a few very short posts that didn’t take much effort from me at all!

4. I will visit each of the participating blogs before the month of May is up. That’s about five blogs a day. I can do it!

5. If possible, I will spend the first hour or two of every day accomplishing Blogathon tasks for that day. The rest of the day will be business as usual.

There’s still time to participate in the Blogathon, but you have to sign up by the end of the day today. Hope you do!

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