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Writing Freebies

We hope you find these FREE writing resources useful for the online marketing you do. Check back with us often to see what other writing freebies we’ve come up with lately.


how to come up with blog post ideas103 Ways to Create Sharp Blog Content

Seventeen professional bloggers share their tips for coming up with blog content. This 29-page book WILL make business blogging easier.

Get the guide here -> Sharp Blog Content Ideas

A Blog Post Idea for Every Day of the Year

Some pro bloggers make you pay close to $100 for a list of generic blog post ideas, but No. 2 Pen will give you daily blog post ideas for no cost at all.

Sign up to get FREE blog post ideas here. Note: This monthly newsletter is currently on hiatus but may resume again soon. Sign up to be notified when it returns.


Join the Movement

No. 2 Pen and Studio Schmo have partnered together to “prevent haphazard web content and design.” You can take the pledge to make the web a better place by posting this piece of FREE content to your website.

Click here to take the pledge.


Website Content Writing Template

A structured template that shows you all of the content any given web page needs. Plus you’ll get a few tips on how to write it well. No. 2 Pen uses this template and now so can you.

Download the Word Document here -> Website Content Writing Template

Twitter Tips for Businesses

Explanation of Twitter terms, a list of tools that make Twitter easier to manage, and tips specific for businesses that want to get started on Twitter.

Download the PDF here -> Twitter Tips for Businesses

SEO Web Content Writing Guidelines

A comprehensive (and free) list of search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines you should consider when writing website content.

Download the PDF here -> SEO Web Content Writing Guidelines

Tips for Tagline Creation

A tagline (or slogan) explains what your business does in a succinct, catchy way. Create a tagline to differentiate yourself from the competition and to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Download the PDF here -> Tips for Tagline Creation

Guide to Social Media Planning

Every business that wants to use social media as part of their marketing plans must create a strategy first. This Guide to Social Media Planning will walk you through the process as well as give you tips on how to effectively use social media.

Download the PDF here -> Guide to Social Media Planning

Free Copyediting Style Sheet Template

Professional copy editors and proofreaders use a style sheet to keep track of spellings, numbers, and style choices incorporated into a large piece of writing. Style sheets ensure that both the author and copy editor/proofreader follow the same guidelines from start to finish.

To see an example of how a style sheet is used, download this Microsoft Word document. This same style sheet example can be used as your own copyediting template -> Style Sheet Example for Copyediting

As an alternative, download this copyediting style sheet template in PDF format -> Style Sheet Template for Copy Editing

Free Editing and Proofreading Checklist

With this simple editing checklist you will write copy that is professional, error free, and captivating.

Download the PDF here -> Editing and Proofreading Checklist

Website Content Writing Checklist

When writing your website content make sure to include the right words in the right places so your visitors know what to do next. This free checklist is especially helpful for small businesses looking to develop web content on their own.

Download the PDF here -> Website Content Checklist

E-book Outline Template

An outline is a critical component to a well-written e-book. With this free e-book outline template you’ll cover all the bases and organize your ideas in an effective way.

Download the Microsoft Word document here -> Free E-book Outline Template


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