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Business and Marketing Case Studies

case study writing for business Our writing, your professional image
case study writing for business We interview the necessary sources and do the necessary research
case study writing for business Focus on the facts; tell a compelling story
case study writing for business Prove your value

Get to the Heart of Your Business with a Case Study

Business and marketing case studies are typically one- to two-page documents that highlight a problem and the solution you provided to that problem. In other words, a case study is a story about how you helped a customer overcome a challenge. A case study is a success story.

Case studies can be much longer and much more detailed than one page, but we advise our clients to use the short-and-sweet method of case study writing, because the end result is an easy-to-read document for customers and potential customers. Your website visitors are more likely to download a short case study from your website and read it from their computer screen. A small file is also more likely to be emailed to colleagues and friends. marketing-case-studies

Business and marketing case studies have traits similar to a white paper. They all educate the reader on a particular subject in an effort to sell your idea, service, or product. But beware not to overly promote yourself – an advertising piece can be spotted from miles away. It’s better to play on your value and the reader’s emotions. Pull on those heartstrings.

How No. 2 Pen Will Create Your Case Study

There are several steps to case study writing, which we can explain in further detail when we speak. But in the meantime, here’s an overview.

  1. You tell us about your company’s marketing goals and plans for distributing the case study.
  2. No. 2 Pen interviews the necessary people and researches the necessary topics to get the full picture.
  3. We develop a thorough outline that we present to you before we begin writing.
  4. A No. 2 Pen writer will elaborate on the outline to create a compelling story that appeals to your target market.
  5. You review the draft, we make the changes you request, and then we work with our graphic designers to create a nice looking case study that you can publish to your website.

To begin developing your next set of business or marketing case studies, complete No. 2 Pen’s project assessment request form. We will contact you to discuss and to offer a no-cost, no-obligation project quote.

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